Power Management Semiconductor Wafers 

Onizuka Electronics is a  world-class vendor of Power MOSFETs sold in wafer form for:

  • Multi-chip module manufacturers
  • Companies with existing assembly capacity
  • Semiconductor companies with complementary lines

State of the art technology - World-class manufacturing

Onizuka Electronics brings you wafer-form devices, such as trench Power MOSFETs, manufactured in world-class wafer fabrication plants. Using high volume factories and leading edge designs, we can offer cost effective pricing on high volumes of wafers. By purchasing die in wafer form, you are free to perform your own assembly to your own requirements, and add value to your products by incorporating your technology alongside ours.

Our product line consists of N-Channel MOSFETs with voltage ratings up to 250-Volts and P-Channel MOSFETs with ratings up to 200-Volts.

World-wide Presence

With sales agents in PRC, Taiwan and Korea, and sales offices in the USA, we are ready to work with you on your requirements and ongoing business.

Onizuka Electronics' OECMP0820 is a 20-V P Channel MOSFET rated at  6 milli Ohms at VGS = 2.5-V.. more

OECMN1830 is a 30-V N-Channel MOSFET with a rDS(on) specification of 3.9 milli Ohm.. more


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