About Onizuka Electronics

An Experienced Team Working For You:

Our  founders each have over ten years of experience in the power semiconductor industry, and have the contacts and the experience to run a successful company. They know that in today's industry, quality in every aspect of the business is a pre-requisite, and that the pace of technology keeps increasing. You need a supplier that will deliver quality products and will continue to push the limits of technology, and we know what it takes to be a quality supplier.

Technology Leadership

Our Research and Development team has been developing Power MOSFETs for low voltage applications for many years. The current product line includes our third generation trench technology, with both N-Channel and P-Channel devices.

World-Class Manufacturing

Our wafers are processed by world-class ISO-certified foundries. We maintain a long term relationship with these foundries, and have a significant amount of ongoing business with them. Our customers reap the benefit of these relationships and leverage.

Onizuka Electronics' OECMP0820 is a 20-V P Channel MOSFET rated at  6 milli Ohms at VGS = 2.5-V.. more

OECMN1830 is a 30-V N-Channel MOSFET with a rDS(on) specification of 3.9 milli Ohm.. more


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