Power MOSFET Wafers

Our product line consists of N-Channel MOSFETS with voltage ratings up to 250-Volts and P-Channel MOSFETs with ratings up to 200-Volts. ESD protection is also included in selected MOSFETs.


Our Power MOSFETs  are used by many major electronics manufacturers around the world. They feature low on-resistance per unit area, low gate charge and on-resistance ratings at gate-source voltages down to 1.8-Volts. Click on the links below to see our standard product offerings:

Onizuka Electronics' OECMP0820 is a 20-V P Channel MOSFET rated at  6 milli Ohms at VGS = 2.5-V.. more

OECMN1830 is a 30-V N-Channel MOSFET with a rDS(on) specification of 3.9 milli Ohm.. more


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